1. Geraldine Durrant

    I only just saved my carefully storied sweet pea seeds at the weekend – I had left them out in a container to remind myself that if it would only stop raining for five minutes I could plant them and Patrick scooped them up saying “shall I get rid of these old peppercorns…?”

  2. Ooh you are excited! Loving your plans, especially the blueberries πŸ™‚ am so with you in being fed up with the winter and can understand why you don’t want to wait to plant them… I have visions of you on your knees staring at the planters waiting for them to sprout! πŸ™‚ hehe #allaboutyou xx

  3. So you’re done with winter…. but the question is… is winter done with you?!! ;)) Love your plans and you’re bespoke planters, look forward to seeing how your project grows. Thanks so much for linking up to #AllAboutYou

  4. Well, we don’t live on a farm but last year hubby grew potatoes in tires like you have pictured above and it worked great! The only issue we had with it was when it got to the HOT part of summer we had to make sure they didn’t burn up. Good luck!

  5. I love your enthusiasm – go you! We live in London but grow spinach, carrots and potatoes in our garden, and the usual herbs (although I just can’t get the hang of keeping coriander alive!). Saw a great book recently about growing crops in pots – you look like you are teeming with ideas, good luck, and here’s wishing winter away too! I’ve had enough!


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