1. Ah this is a lovely reminder that people still have to work. My husband and I have both worked Christmas day in the past, we’re lucky that neither of us have had to work Christmas morning since having children – I’m not in that job anymore and he has now moved to a role within it where he doesn’t work shifts. I bet you put on quite a spread for Christmas lunch to make up for having to work! I love that white theme, it’d never happen with my rabble in the house though!

  2. What a great post. I remember when we had cows (dairy went quite a few moons ago now) we had to wait until dad got back from milking before stockings could be opened. Sometimes I would wake up thinking it was Father Christmas stomping about downstairs, but no, it was only my parents up before the early milking shift.

  3. Sarah

    Christmas is extra hard work for all farmers. I quite like the nice food and cosiness of it. My Christmas is made harder by the fact that my 15 yr old son is not interested in the farm at all and won’t help. After a lot of arguing he will just about take dogs for a walk and fetch in logs if you’re lucky. We have yards and sheds full of cattle and sheep but he doesn’t help with any of it. But still expects all the Christmas to happen. Dad just let’s him away with it. I’ve given up the battle to avoid more and more arguments. Sorry to be miserable about it but that can be the reality of a farming Christmas. Double the amount of work!!

    • farmerswifeandmummy

      I understand. What a shame. I suppose you can’t force them. Sometime I feel our children see the reality of farming and that is probably what puts them off. I have heard some come back though so you never know

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