Little Muddy Boots Winter Activity Cards- A Review

In 2014, a National Trust survey revealed that the majority of children play outside for less than an hour a day. This is less than a third of the time enjoyed by their grandparents’ generation and it is so sad.

Thankfully, entrepreneurs have seen a gap in the market and farm and forest schools are popping up all over the place.

One such company is Little Muddy Boots which was set up by Hannah Brewer who set up the company in 2015.

As a garden designer, forest school leader and mum of three lively children, Hannah found first hand that there is so much to be gained from kids playing and learning together outside.

For the last six years, they have been running successful classes that help children lean more about the natural world, from the plants they can grow to the wildlife that is on our doorsteps.

When home schooling happened in the pandemic, being able to play outside in your back garden became a vital part of home learning.

Little Muddy Boots classes take place in Bracknell Woodley for 1 – 6 year olds but recently, Hannah has opened up the business as a franchise opportunity so expect to see more of these amazing classes coming to a town near you very soon.

In the mean time, you can enjoy Little Muddy Boots at home or wherever you are thanks, to their seasonal activity cards which can be ordered online and sent out to your home.

Packed with plenty of ideas to engage toddlers, pre-schoolers, primary reception, Years 1 and 2 children they are perfect for my farm crew and we have certain tried them out.

With positive affirmations on every card, ideas for practical things to do and activities and ideas for children as well as instructions for adults so the youngsters get the most out of their outdoor play.

The cards take you from November, through December and into January so their £12 price tag is super worth it when you look at how much content is within the pack. They come in a drawstring bag which you can keep the cards in and they are mall enough to fit into a pocket or the smallest of bags. The cards are also coated so if you get them dirty or drop them into the mud, you can just wipe them clean.

Parents can guide the younger children while older children will be able to read the cards themselves which adds to the educational value of the pack.

We loved everything about the Little Muddy Boots Winter Activity Cards and are now really looking forward to their Spring offering.

Find out more at

On Facebook @littlemuddybootsgroup

On Instagram

On Twitter @lilmuddyboots and

On YouTube.

We were sent the cards for the purpose of this review but all options are my own and I am sure you will agree, they are right up our outdoors street.


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