Marmalade and toast-how do you like yours?

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What does your breakfast say about you?

Well, Roberts Bakery has got together with the folks at Duerrs to see how you like yours.

The fun quiz, over at aims to see how we, as a nation, like our toast.

I love toast. It is such a quick and easy snack and, close your eyes now if you’re a traditional ‘only in a morning type of person,’ I like it at any time of the day-even before bed.

I don’t really care what type of bread, usually but, for the purpose of the quiz, I choose white, medium because it is a bit of a family pleaser.

I also like it hot, cut in half, buttered with a margin at the edges and, with the crusts firmly on.

Now usually, I love strawberry or apricot jam but, with my recent sour-pregnancy-cravings, I am afraid it is marmalade all the way. The bitterer the better but always shredless and, if I can’t get shredless, I pick out the rind myself.

There is however one rule in this house. Never, ever, double dip anything.

With my being vegetarian, I hate it when Hubster uses a knife to eat with (meat) and then dips it in some kind of condiment. Urrgggh.

While jam and marmalade (and butter) does not contravene vegetarian standards, I still don’t like it and crumbs in the toast is just wrong.

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So the results of the survey suggest I am a YOLO-you only live once.

I think saying this to the world’s biggest worrier is rather funny but, when it comes to toast, you definitely only live once so get spreading the word (sorry I couldn’t resist) and have a go at the survey yourself.

What will your toast say about you?


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