1. 12 weeks?! Is that all?! I’m thinking of throwing all the names in to a hat and then only buying presents for 1st, 2nd or 3rd. When I was little, a friend bought about 30 Mars Bars and the members of his family that he liked got two Mars Bars, and those he didn’t, just one Mars Bar. I kind of like to try that one year.

  2. Some really great ideas – it is amazing how watching your pennies add up. I’m afraid any crisps or chocolate would suffer the same fate as your pringles in our house though!

  3. For our extended families we do a round robin so each young married (poor student) couple only has to buy for one other with a max limit of £15. My husband is one of twelve and I am one of four so it keeps the cost of Christmas low. We are also encouraged to hand make presents if we are so inclined.

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