Mothercare expectant parent’s store event

So tonight I attended a Mothercare expectant parent evening.

I had no idea what to expect. I didn’t know anything like this even existed when I was pregnant with Boo.

It promised:

car safety and car seat fitting advice

  • nursery furniture, cot mattresses and the latest sleep safety advice

  • pushchair and pram choices

  • breast pumps and sterilising

  • suitable baby toys for the first 12 months

  • maternity bra fitting service (and advice) in every store

  • advice from a midwife, breast feeding expert or health visitor (subject to availability)

  • British Red Cross trainers in selected stores giving FREE baby and child first aid advice

  • gift bags for all mums-to-be and a 10% discount voucher

  • parenting / baby activity teachers e.g. from Mamababybliss and Lazy Daisy birthing (subject to teachers availability)

Excited about the prospect of the 10% off (and the goody back, obviously), I marched off to my local, Warrington Mothercare, brandishing my list.


I went alone as it was the perfect excuse for Hubster to put Boo to bed-in preparation for when I am in hospital.

On arrival I was presented with a goodie bag and was lead to one of three seated areas dotted around the store.

photo 5

There were three talks during the evening on feeding, prams and car seats and nursery furniture.

I settled at the feeding talk as, although I already have one child, I thought it would be sort of a refresher course. After all- nearly four years of much less sleep than pre-baby, I may have lost some brain cells.

The lady who spoke was very knowledgeable. She stuck with government guidelines and said breast is best for the first six months and showed us the different breast pumps on offer followed by the different types of sterilisers on offer. I really think she missed nothing out-including nipple shields and feeding pillows and there was time for questions at the end.

The next talk was prams and, while I fully intended to go and torture myself with the newest prams and travel systems on offer, I decided to be kind to myself and go and look in Early Learning Centre for some Christmas presents. I am glad I did. I felt like I was the only one there. That must be how celebrities feel when stores shut to let them shop alone.

Feeling a bit famous, it was then refreshment time and a variety of drinks and nibbles were offered.

Despite not having eaten yet, I resisted the snacks (I will explain why later) and headed to the mattress department-the main reason I visited.

Mothercare has some great deals on mattresses at the moment. They had no cot bed mattresses in stock, so I ordered mine to be delivered to home and got me 10% off-bonus.

I didn’t need any nursery furniture either so I used my time wisely to shop-alone. I hardly ever to get to shop alone any more so made the most of it and got:

photo 3

Some very attractive over the bump underwear (Bridget Jones eat your heart out) and some maternity tights.

photo 1

A bit of Christmas shopping.

photo 2

And bump got some cute sheep socks, some of the new Johnson’s Baby First Touch range and some Medela nipple guards.

photo 4

Oh and a new skirt for Boo which I have had my eye on for ages, a top and some tights.

It was such a good evening and I got 10% off the remainder of my shopping. If you are thinking whether or not to book, do it. It really is worth it-even for second time parents like me.

Oh and then Hubster texted me as I was leaving asking for a McDonalds. Well, it would have been rude not to-oops.

*Please note this is not a sponsored post. I wanted to share my experiences with you as I wish I had known about these events when I was pregnant with Boo.

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  1. What a really wonderful idea for an event – I wish these had existed when Grace was a baby. They are so useful to have a proper look without a mass of shoppers! Thank you for linking to PoCoLo and for being this weeks newbie showcase 🙂 x

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