What not to lend when you’re pregnant

So as I’m over half way, I’ve been looking around at what I need for our new arrival. I still have many things from when Boo was a baby so thankfully it’s not loads but there is one thing that has been bugging me.

When I was pregnant with Boo, a lovely friend let me borrow a Moses basket, a baby walker, a lovely swinging chair and a baby gym. I was so grateful.

Baby stuff can be so expensive and they use it for such a short amount of time that I thought it seemed wise to share.

I obviously still had to buy some things but borrowing did help.

Then when my other friend found out she was pregnant when Boo was nearly one, I decided to spread the love back around and offered her my used baby things. Bath, thermal bottle warmers, breast pump (she was my best friend), bath, top and tail bowl, bouncer chair, play mat, maternity clothes-there was more but I can’t remember. I do remember she was as pleased as I was and at least she didn’t have to shell out on the small things.

So then when I got pregnant again, I did get some of the stuff back-the maternity clothes especially but, we all know I lost that baby and the next one, so I let her keep the rest of the stuff as she was still using it. Then she got pregnant again and we kind of fell out.


I won’t go into the whys and the why nots bit needless to say, my so-called best friend of over ten years was not my friend any more.


Boo in the bouncy chair that I haven’t got back and will have to buy again

So as I’ve been looking round at what I need this time, it seems a lot of the stuff I bought last time is no longer here while she has enjoyed it (for free) for two babies and I am going to have to buy it all again.

I know that’s life and I suppose some might say it’s my own fault for lending it out in the first place but I can’t help feeling upset about it all.

Where’s the Boots catalogue?


  1. Oh I am sorry you fell out with your friend, and not just because of the baby things. I suppose the one silver lining is that you’re buying thins that you know you’ll actually use, and be able to buy the sort you’ll love, as opposed to taking a gamble as a first time Mum 🙂

  2. Sorry to hear that you fell out with your friend. That’s sad to hear.
    Enjoy buying all the lovely things for your new baby. I agree that Kiddicare has some great offers and Mothercare have a good scheme where you can pay things off in installments (without any interest).
    Stopping byfrom the share with me linky x

  3. Ah boo that is such a shame! It is so difficult when it comes to lending stuff, you want to be helpful but what if you need it again? Especially difficult now you have fallen out! Hope you can find some nice replacements! Xx

  4. It’s a tough one isn’t it? I fell out with my best friend when I was pregnant and although we talk now, it’ll never be the same. Hope you manage to get everything you need x #sharewithme

  5. Grace says – This made me a little bit sad when I read this but how exciting going baby stuff shopping again. Hope you enjoy……
    Lucas says – YES!! A future member for the GL Gang. High-5’s to you xx

  6. Oh hunny that’s so very hard. Bless you. Not nice to lose your best friend for so long either. Big hugs to you. Kiddicare have a lot of sales on so you might be able to scoop up some great stuff and even asda have some really great baby gear! Don’t worry all baby needs is mom’s love and milk. My momma had my brother in an old dresser drawer with blankets for a moses basket. kid you not. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

  7. Sorry to hear you’ve been left in that predicament, you must be feeling pretty frustrated by the whole thing! Perhaps you’ll find some real bargains that you can fall in love with all over again time for your new arrival xx #sharewithme

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