My Top 5 Spa Day Wish List

Most mums have little time for themselves. I know I am not alone. I can count on one hand the amount of times the farmer and I have been out alone since having children and Boo is the only one to have ever stayed at anyone else’s house.

Since the boys came along, none of them have ever stayed anywhere but home.

For me, it is what being a parent is all about and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I do however dream of a night away. A full nights sleep in a comfy bed without being woken up by one, two or all of the children and a meal and breakfast in peace.

The farm added to the parenting mix means we will probably never be able to go on holiday as a family but, I have a big birthday coming up next year (let’s call it 30) and my aim is to try and have one night away.

Hopefully with the farmer but on my own if I have to.

I have been researching my options and I would love to go to a spa. I am under no illusions that I will probably not get to go but thankfully, I have the option of Champneys Spa Days where I can experience all of the amazing experiences of a spa without the stay over (if the farmer really cannot leave the farm over night).

So I have thought about the top five things I would like to do on my spa day.

1. Go for a swim. I used to love swimming before I had children and, while I have been a few times on my own swimming with the children by myself is impossible because I am not enough ratio to child for safety. I would love to get my swimming costume on (despite my broken body) and have a dip in a lovely, blue, heated pool. Bliss.

2. Go to the gym. I haven’t got time for a gym membership-maybe when the baby starts nursery at three but, before children, I did enjoy going to the gym. I liked the cross trainer and treadmill best and would turn my music up and lose myself in the rhythm. I think I probably did hum along to some of the songs but I really didn’t care.

3. I would love to have a manicure and pedicure. I do wear nail varnish all the time but I apply it myself and to have some one do it for me would be such a luxury. Professional manicures seem to last much longer than when I do it myself so I would really enjoy that.

4. I have never had a massage and I can’t decide whether it would really tickle. I think I would like to have one just to see what it is like and to see if my tickleshness could take it. They say you need to try everything once, right?

5. I have also never had a facial but my skin is not what is used to be so I think I would really like one. With the three children, I just don’t get the time to do a skin care regime twice a day. I do cleanse, tone and moisturise in the morning but night time is a no go. I am either too tired or the fact that we still have the baby in the same room as us means that the threat of getting toner in my eye is just too great a risk to take.

I really hope I get my spa break next year. The children will be almost three, five and none so hopefully it will be easer then. I love my children with every bone on my body but I think one treat in eight years is not going to hurt. I will be 30 (aherm) after all.

*This is a collaborative post but all opinions, broken bodies and slovenly skin care regimes are, unfortunately my own.


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