1. Love that you play favorites animals and kid alike. hahaha We have a joke in our house growing up that my eldest was always my mom’s favorite and we still say it. Mostly because its true and we all know it there are 8 of us. But mostly because it’s hilarious people have favorites it’s a known fact most just don’t admit to it. lol Glad you admitted which animals are your favorite here. Still a good farmers wife. 😉 Thank you so much for linking up again to Share With Me love reading your blog. #sharewithme

  2. when I am still at home, we have 5 dogs and I love this one that has a problem with his mouth cuz he’s just awfully adorable. the gentlest dog ive seen but fierce when he needs to be. neighbors children loves him to bits too. imagine they ride him but hes okay with it?

    Its not bad I think to have favorites as long as you still give attention to the other pets. I don’t know with kids tho cuz I only have one.


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