1. Quite ambitious! I’ve tried crochet several times and can’t get it either!

    I had 3 small children too. I think getting them safely through the day is a massive achievement.

  2. Geraldine

    Crochet is a lot easier than knitting because you never have more than four stitches on your hook at any one time to keep an eye on, whereas you could have dozens in knitting…Tty practising with a large hook and some thick yarn which will make it easier to see exactly what you are doing – or doing wrong! There are plenty of how to vids on you tube too….

  3. Many people often set goals: 5 years, 10 years, or near: several months, 1 year. But all require a lot of determination, I also set a goal but not completed. This year will be different, i will try !!!!

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