Our 5 Favourite Farm Books for Toddlers

When G was much smaller, I wrote a blog post called Our 5 Favourite Farm Books for Babies.

I stand by all of my choices but, with the baby books being passed on to Baby J, I thought it was time to update our list with books for toddlers.

I asked on my blog Facebook page to see what other people enjoyed and to make sure we weren’t missing any classics.

These are our top five:

1.GoodNight Tractor by Michelle Robinson and Nick East. A lovely, fellow farmer’s wife sent G this when I had Baby J. It really is the most delightful book and we have to read it every night for G before bed.

The little boy in the book could actually be my little farm boy-they actually look alike. They are both avid carpet farmers and G too goes to bed with tractor toys and as many farm animal toys he can fit in his little bed with him. This is a firm favourite and I can’t see the enthusiasm for it waning any time soon.

2. What The Ladybird Heard by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Lydia Monks. I am ashamed to say that until this was mentioned on my Facebook page, we had never read it. Interestingly, we did have thee sticker book and it was a firm favourite-even without words for G (and Boo) as they excitedly pointed out the animals. I then sheepishly (pun intended) ordered the book and we have had hours of fun with the familiar rhyming of Julia Donaldson.

3. Usborne Farmyard Tales. I bought these books for both children to share last Christmas. The display box that they came in has long gone but that shows testament to how popular the books are. I especially love how the stories are so true to the farming life-from going to market to animals running away.

4. Farmer Christmas By Catherine Baddeley. Illustrated by Sophie Baugh-Jones. I recently reviewed Farmer Christmas. You can read the full review here. I usually put Christmas books away every January to keep them a bit new come December. I have no chance of hiding this away though, it is simply loved too much-already.

5. Wind-Up Tractor Book from Usborne Farmyard Tales. This was another gift for G last Christmas and he still loves it. I still cannot believe that the little tractor is still with us but it is and, despite having few words, both big children love the book.

What are your favourite farm books for toddlers?

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