1. Ahhh loving the wellies! At least you’ll have a new pair when his feet grow and the peppa pig ones finally fit! Elliott could live in his wellies! Suz x beauisblue.com

  2. I think first time in wellies is a perfect milestone! What a lovely pair of wellies from Sainsbury and they double up as great riding boots on a little one too. I can see many yard adventures coming up this summer.

  3. They’re great wellies! Lovely photos and a lovely thing to remember. Wish I’d done more of this while I had the chance….

  4. This made me remember my son’s first wellies too! A milestone indeed as we started to have fun in the mud since he got it and we never looked back. Wellies is a big part of his life. Always there on happy messy time.

    I agree they need to add this to the list of milestones =)


  5. First welly moment was key here too. It’s so sweet to see them adjusting to walking (and later running) in them. #countrykids

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