Pregnancy hormones and neurosis

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Aren’t hormones weird?

You think you’ve been hormonal but nothing compares to the little blighters that flow through your being during pregnancy.

In the first few months, you are basically a nightmare to live with.

I’d be laughing one minute and crying the next. You can even be aggressive. When I was pregnant with Boo, Hubster complained about something-probably the meal I’d served for dinner or something and, with a bread knife in my hand, I hurled it at him.

Now I am not one to condone domestic violence in any way but thankfully, we do laugh about it now.

He even took a photograph of his little scratch as ‘evidence’.

Thankfully, this time, I’ve not been driven to violence (yet) but I am getting increasingly neurotic about home.

I was due to go to two blogging events-one of Saturday in Birmingham and one in London in November but I cannot bare to go.

I have no idea what is bugging me about going far from home.

I work in Manchester two days a week and that is 16 miles away from home and, at the moment, that is far enough for me. I even told the girl I sit next to at work that I was feeling homesick on Monday.

I might only be 24 weeks but I just can’t stand the thought of being too far from Boo or my home.

Maybe I’m nesting early. It is more than likely that I am just being daft.

Whatever it is, I will only be happy being within a 20 mile radius of home or having Hubster and Boo with me.

If you’re further away, I suppose I’ll see you in 14 weeks but I may have my hands full then.

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  1. Pregnancy hormones are definitely the worst so I totally feel for you right now! I was so over emotional with everything that went on. I hope that your home sickness goes away to make it easier for you!

  2. WOW 24 weeks already is has gone so fast. I am so excited the end will go even faster as you prepare for it all. How exciting. I had more hormones going crazy with my first. More emotional too. The things we go through. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

  3. Hormones really are mad aren’t they. Potato was conceived through IVF and the drugs you pump yourself with are horrid and I became a horrid hormonal mess. So pregnant hormones seemed like a breeze in comparison!

  4. I do NOT miss the pregnancy hormones!! I was a roller coaster! It starts so early, too! Before the test had even confirmed my little Princess was in there, my mom called it when I hurled a shoe across the room that wouldn’t go on my footed smoothly lol

  5. It sounds like nesting it coming into play! I wasn’t very hormonal during my pregnancy, but I think I cried for a month straight after birth! For no reason! Thanks for linking up to the #binkylinky

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