Saving for Christmas? 5 ways to keep costs down for the Festive Season ahead


Now Autumn is in full swing, many of us are looking past pumpkins and bonfires and already looking toward the main event: Christmas. We all know that it seems like quite a way of yet, but before you know it, there’ll be Christmas music playing everywhere, Christmas Cards landing on the doormat and the little ones will be asking you to donate your best tea towel for their role in the Nativity play. So, if Christmas is already on your mind, why not start saving towards it? 

Christmas – although the most wonderful time of the year – is also the most expensive, so why not give your budget a bit of a boost? Not sure how? Read on for 5 ways to keep costs down for the Festive Season ahead.

Switch up your lightbulbs

It might sound painfully simple, but that’s the beauty of it! Many of us have energy saving bulbs in our homes, but have you thought about making the switch to LEDs? LED lights consume less energy, so they’ll keep costs down, they’re safer as they don’t get hot like their old fashioned counterparts and they’re more resistance to breakage. They last longer too! It might seem like a little step, but every little helps, right? Check out LED Hut for some more information. 

Turn off all those unused appliances

Going out for the afternoon? Don’t leave the TV on standby. As a rule of thumb, if you’re not in the room or using an appliance – turn it off! You’ll save a fortune on your electricity bill. Think of all the extra Christmas Decorations you can buy instead. 

Streaming services and cable packages

Netflix, Now TV, Sky and other digital packages all come with a high monthly cost. How much TV can one person watch? If you are into your TV show binges and films then consider reducing the amount of packages you have. Do you really need all the sports channels and those kid networks? Sit down with the family and figure it out which ones you can axe for good. 

Cancel memberships

Your gym membership, your membership to the local pool, golf club, bingo hall – do you really use them all that much? If you want to save some money for Christmas then cancel them now to make the most of the extra cash. Don’t worry, you can always take advantage of their “new membership deals” in the New Year!

Try and find free things

It’s nice to go out with the kids at the weekend. But do you find you end up spending a fortune when you go out? All those treats and ice creams, trips to the cinema – it all adds up. Try your local library for free events and even an idea of what’s going on in your local community. Remember, a walk through the local park is free! And the little ones can even gather items to create a nature picture when they get back home! 


*This is a collaborative post


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