Siblings, June 2021

Summer seems to have finally arrived at the farm and the children have certainly been celebrating and making the most of it.

Paddling pools, ice lollies and lots of outdoor playing has been wonderful them (and the drying of washing equally wonderful for me).

One of the biggest bits of news this month is our new little rowing boat. I had been looking for one for ages but it wasn’t really taken seriously until the boss started to clear out some of the reeds in the pond and realised only a boat would do to rid the water of all the reed debris.

He found one locally and it has a sail and everything. I am yet to find my sea pond legs but the boys had a whale of a time being rowed around like princes.

One Saturday night, I managed to persuade the boss to come and have a picnic lunch with us the next day and the children were absolutely delighted. We went to our favourite quiet spot under the old pear tree and had a lovely time. They still love a picnic whatever the weather but the fact that Daddy came too made it extra special and, with the onslaught of summer busyness imminent, we snatched that time while we could.

Sheep shearing came and went and I think the children look forward to it as much as Christmas. As they get older, they remember things from previous years and, after the hit of a pizza lunch last year, pizza was the only thing that would do and it went down a treat again. Carbs are definitely in order after all the running around and hard work involved.

In the middle of the month we had half term which sadly seemed to be eaten up by a series of appointments like hair cuts and the like but the break was much needed and the last half term is hurtling away and you know what that means?

The youngest’s last half term at nursery. Every time I think about him starting school, tears prick my eyes. He needs it and he is really looking forward to it but the thought of my last baby starting school seems a bit much. I think I will have to invest in a tranquilliser dart for that first day.

Happy June.

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