Siblings, March 2021

Home school continued as we entered the start of our siblings month. It was still interspersed with a lot of outdoor time, mainly as a bargaining tool so that school work would get done if I promised they could go outside later.

In the last month, we have celebrated the farmer’s birthday and then the baby turned four. He was so excited for his birthday as it must seem such a long time to endure his older sister and brother’s birthdays before his.

He had a lovely day and, despite my reservations last month, the Blippi cake didn’t turn out too badly and the birthday boy was very pleased with it.

The week after his birthday, all of the children went back to school and nursery (hurrah). That first morning I felt like I was in a dazed state, revelling at the actual silence.

They all needed to go back. For mental health reasons, education and most importantly, to see their friends and be social. I have been thankful I have three during the Coronavirus lockdowns. Even though it has been hard, at least they have each other to entertain themselves, play together and have the odd fight.

I knew as they went back though that the break away from each other was just the ticket and I even think they missed each other-especially on that first day.

Both the boys flew at their sister when her bus arrived each evening and I will never tire of seeing that.

Lambing is almost upon us and I am planning on getting some day-old chicks too so expect a lot of Spring-spam if you follow me on social media.

The anticipation of lambing is always exciting and the children will love having an empty barn to run round in before the ewes get brought in.

Hopefully this time next month, the lambs will be coming thick and fast and my own little lambs will be helping with them.

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