Siblings, May 2021

Looking back at photos from the last month, it doesn’t feel like much has happened at all. We’ve just been plodding along with life.

The first half of the month saw it feel very spring-like and we got outside a lot. The boys enjoyed going off with Daddy climbing trees and generally playing outside at any opportunity.

We went foraging for wild garlic and had lovely walks.

As things felt like they were getting somewhere back to normal, I headed into town when I had dropped them at school and nursery to get them new clothes as they have grown out of everything and I had not set foot in a clothes shop since well before the pandemic.

We headed back to town as a family a few weeks later to pick up glasses for the middle one and it was a lovely sunny day and nice to be together for the first time in ages.


Since then, the weather has really taken a spiral turn and the rain we wanted has ended up dominating every single day and we are all fed up of wet clothes and the constant cycle of drying.

Thankfully we have barns the children can play in but it’s not the same as the great outdoors.

We are more or less sure that lambing is over and the pet lambs are in the field so the children take every opportunity to go and play with them. Most of them have names. Their favourites are Barney, Beauty and Beryl. There is definitely a B theme going on this year.

We have half term to look forward to in the next month which is likely to be a quiet affair with the ever-changing Coronavirus situation.

Hopefully some nice weather will grace us at the farm.

What will the next month bring?


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