Siblings, September 2017

The new uniform was bought and the shiny shoes slipped on for the new term. This Siblings post sees our summer holidays over and a new term at school.

There are two siblings still at home but they have both missed the boss this last week.

You wouldn’t think just one child missing would cause such a difference but Boo plays with her brothers when she is here and her presence has been missed by the boys.

Since the last siblings post, we have visited a petting farm (Busman’s holiday) but all of the children really enjoyed it and so did we.

We have had more adventures on the farm, in spite of the bad weather.

Boo is brilliant with the baby. In the car, they kind of face each other and she smiles and entertains Baby J throughout our journeys.

In fact, I sat where she usually does one trip and the baby looked a little disappointed that it wasn’t his sister sat there. I imagine he feels like he sees enough of my face.

We have bought a little TV/DVD player for my room because I have been struggling to put dry washing away. So now the children sit in our bed and watch whatever they want (usually Sooty or Moana) whilst I tidy up.

It has presented me with no end of cute photos of the children.


I still find it easier getting pictures of just two of them though. I’m sure that will change but the two older children absolutely adore their baby brother.

G is still too rough with him but it is just the way he is. Boo loves to help, fetching nappies and toys for him. She has even donated her spare Minnie Mouse to the baby and, if I go and get him milk, she entertains him in her own special way-showing him magazines and her own Minnie Mouse. It really is sweet.

Autumn is one of my favourite times of year. The colours, the smells, the crisp, cool days. If the rain holds off, you will probably find us squelching in leaves and hunting for acorns and conkers.

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  1. Aww adorable, love that they enjoy a petting farm despite basically living in one! It’s funny how they miss each other isn’t it? Especially when they try to rip each other’s heads off when they’re actually together! Have you got that Labrador yet??

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