Siblings September, 2018

This month’s siblings sees the end of the 2018 summer holidays, a revamped bedroom and a new puppy.

We spend the last month going on quite a few days out. Only locally to play farms and parks but the children did enjoy themselves.

The boys love anything ride-on so that is always a winner and Boo enjoys a sand pit and lunch out.

None of them like shopping-what child does? However I can usually bribe them with a McDonalds.

We go to a Junior Farmer’s club at our local pick your own farm and the summer activity was a tractor ride around the farm looking at the different things grown there. Even I get excited about these activity days. It is so internesting.

We went to Wales to pick up a new Kelpie puppy for the farm and G has taken the job of showing the puppy, Max, the ropes very seriously. We are usually very strict with bedtimes but veered off it this day while it was the summer holidays and they all had a late night.

We decided to get a double bed for the boys-mainly because we just looked at bunkbeds and imagined the both of them abseiling off them. It hasn’t been a success. The baby is still in his cot in our room. Hopefully he will go in with G one day. I did transform the room into a farm themed one though so expect a blog post on that one day soon.

We had many farm walks and picked lots of blackberries that just ended up in the tummies of the children. I always feel a but sad when they are all picked or withered for another year.

Then it was Boo’s turn to go back to school and, just as she got a day with just me and her at the beginning of the holidays, the boys got one at the end and we spent a lovely time at Sea Life and the Trafford Centre before it was back to nursery and just the baby and I at home each morning.

We have another Junior Farmers to look forward to in the next month and let’s see what else we can get up to.


  1. Aaw Emma, such lovely memories of the last of the summer! I’m chuckling at the boys in a double bed together, I can only imagine how that went. How do people ever get their children to actually sleep in the same room?! Lovely photos of your three gorgeous littles, as always xxx

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