Superheroes to the Rescue this week with Crafts


Picture the scene. It’s a rainy day in the summer holidays. We’ve all got a touch of cabin fever so what is the answer?

Become superheroes of course.

So here is Super Mummy


Saving the day with sticker crafts

With her side-kick Super Baby.


Together, they can save the four year old from an afternoon of Peppa Pig on TV.

The pair bring foam shapes and glitter stickers to do with what she pleases.

However, as always, it is Super Mummy and Super Baby who are made to look the fools. You see it is only them willing to don the masks.


Miss Boo decides, sticking the stickers is her job.

Either way, disaster was averted and the residents of the farm will live to fight another day.

*We were sent the Star Heroes Mask Kits by Baker Ross who sell oodles of great things to brighten up rainy days and even sunny days. On sunny days however, we take our crafts outside.


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