Testing out the Snuggle Sac-Much More than a Sleeping Bag


Testing out the copy


Described as a lovely addition to any child’s sleep over, Snuggle Sacs and sleeping bags from Ollie and Leila are practical and fun.


They arrive on a waterproof, zipped storage bag so perfect for slinging into the back of the car for long journeys, camping and warmth in the cooler months.

They are also remarkably small when in the bag considering the size when they are unfolded. I think this is always bonus.


When I think of old school nylon sleeping bags, I can’t help but get a whiff of that awful smell that came with them. Basically, eau de tent.

Made from soft and fleece fabric with 100 per cent cotton lining, there will be no odours coming from this little beauty.

The sac washes really well and it is one of those garments that dries really quickly-perfect if your children take. shine to it like mine have.

Both Boo and G are blanket children. They have one each which they snuggle under to watch TV. G got in the Snuggle Sac one afternoon and he lay there comfortably for more than half an hour. Those of you who have personally encountered G, will know what a remarkable achievement this is. They really are just so comfy.


Trying to let Boo have a go in it proved a rather tricky thing to do as G decided it was all for him. Not to worry, I zipped them both in and they had a great time pretending to be sleep-complete with little play snoring and closed eyes.

This is the beauty of the Snuggle Sac. It measures 180cm high so it is longer than I am and, at 70cm wide, it is quite big enough for my six-year old and her toddler brother.

Due to the dimensions and the portability of the Snuggle Sac, it means you are safe in the knowledge that your child will be comfortable and warm wherever they sleep and they will be unable to kick their covers off-leading to a pleasant night’s sleep for everyone.


They come in a variety of lovely colours and retail at £50. They also come with a 12 month guarantee.

Our Snuggle Sac is now a regular for cosy television viewing and, between you and me, I have my eye on it myself for those long, chilly night feeds. I won’t tell them if you won’t.


Ollie and Leila sell a variety of delightful items for children including beds, furniture, storage and bedding. To see their full range, visit www.ollieandleila.co.uk.

In true farm style however, it is not just the children and I that have taken a shine to the Snuggle Sac. Ooops.


*We were sent the lovely Snuggle Sac for the purpose of this review but all opinions are my own.


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