5 Hospital Bag Essentials

5 hospital bag

So I wrote what I put in my hospital bag when I had G. While I have forgotten everything (again) I thought this time, I would focus on the essentials.

The things you could grab in five minutes if you had to. The non-negotiables. So here is my top five.

1. Baby wipes. I would like to take face wipes too but I know if I have baby wipes, they can be used on most things. Yes for baby buttons but also for mum. If you have a caesarean, you can’t get out of bed for a while after so wipes of any description enable you to have a little freshen up from your bed.

2. Maternity pads. Whichever way you give birth (apart from the stork), you need all the maternity pads. I had falsely assumed last time that caesarean would make postpartum bleeding less. I was mistaken. Take a whole packet and have one on standby at home to come in should you run out.

3. Nappies. Babies do a lot of meconium poos in the first few days. They are not attractive but it does mean their little bodies are working on the outside so make sure you take plenty of nappies with you.

4. A phone charger. After my section with G, my phone ran out of battery. I had to wait for Hubster to come back in the evening to plug me back in. While it did give me a lovely opportunity to bond with my baby, I couldn’t send him a text to bring me a sandwich or anything else I’d forgotten. In fact, take your partner’s phone to delivery. At least then if their battery runs out, you have your on standby rather than the other way around.

5. Snacks. Hospital food can often be a bit rubbish. You are usually beholden to the person who was in your bed before you so, if you have any dietary requirements, the chances are, you won’t eat that first day. Being nil-by-mouth the day of the birth and then trying to establish feeding as well as sleeplessness can make for one hungry mama. Take snacks. Take all the snacks. I have ordered oat cakes already this week from my online shop for energy but I think something chocolatey might be in order too.

They are my top five essentials. What could you not live without?


  1. My kindle! First night after 2nd child was born I fed her allll night (she had a tongue tie, but midwives didn’t spot it!) I read all of sue Perkins autobiography that night!!!

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