The Worst Part Of Having A Baby


When you think about having a baby, there are many things to consider.

Once you are blessed with one child though (or more) there is one thing that never really crosses your mind until the day for the new baby to be born grows close.

The truth is, I am dreading leaving my children when I go into hospital.

I can count the times Boo has slept at my mum’s house on one hand and poor little G has never been away from either his home or from me.

I am just so worried about them both.

I know my children. They don’t even have to speak and I know what they want and need.

I know their routines, what they do each day. What they like and the way they like things.

I know I can write reams and reams of lists but I might forget something or whoever reads the list might not realise how important one little thing is.

I am sure they will cope. I suppose they will have to but it still worries me.

I have never felt comfortable leaving them with anyone. Not because I don’t think anyone else could do it but because I don’t actually want to.

I did not have children to palm them off on someone else, no matter how tough parenting can be.

On the handful of times Hubster and I have gone out, someone has usually come to baby sit at our house and we put them to bed before we go and they never even know mummy and daddy have been out-save for the heels by the back door the next morning and probably some mascara down mummy’s face.

No. They are my children and my responsibility. Everyone is different but I just cannot leave them.

This is making my planning for hospital difficult because I am more worried about the children that what will happen in hospital. I suppose that’s not always a bad thing.


Boo was four when G came along and could understand to some extent what was happening. Poor G will understand nothing apart from the fact his mummy who has always been there is not. I am dreading him coming to visit me and crying. I cannot promise I will not cry too.

I have told Hubster that it is the children who are the priority so if that means I don’t get any visitors then so be it.

It is their happiness and wellbeing which must come first.

I am hoping the thought of leaving them is worse than it actually will be. I still can’t wait for it all to be over with and I can hopefully be back at home with all of my baby chicks.

I never thought of any of this when I was lusting after a newborn again.


  1. Oh gosh, I felt exactly the same when I went into hospital to have Lia. I had to be induced so I knew I’d be in there for a while too. A horrible feeling but at least it will soon be over and you’ll have your beautiful family all together including your new little one.

  2. It must be so hard to leave them! But if it helps I was 3 when my brother came along and 6 for my sister, and it all just seemed so exciting! Each time Mum told me that baby had a present waiting for me at the hospital for being so good….and aparantly that’s all I could talk about

  3. I’m so pleased to read this! Not pleased because you’re worried but because I’m not the only one feeling this way. I’m so worried about leaving Lottie. She has never been without us either and like you, the two occasions we have been out, she hasn’t even known. I’m sure it’s upsetting us more than it will them, but I’ve told Mr M that unless my life is in danger, I want him to go straight home after the baby is born and get Lottie! And I won’t be far behind them! Xxx

  4. Oh I felt just like this when I was about to have E and mine was an elective c section!! This part can be so stressful but it’s usually ok on the night (or day!). I think you just have to hope the timing of it falls ok and it will be so worth it once the new baby is here and G is a big brother stroking the baby. Xx

  5. When I had Anya I was still living with my parents so it was just natural for them to look after Matthew for me.
    With Zach’s birth I dropped Matt and Anya off at my parents’ at lunchtime when I went in to have my induction. I sobbed in the car, scared I would never see them again (over-anxious, moi?!) Then it was all fine and I saw them first thing the next morning with their new brother 🙂 Later that day I took Matthew to his first ever Beavers session, abandoning my newborn with my parents.
    I’m SO lucky to have my parents living 2 streets away and my kids all have a great relationship with them.

  6. You poor thing. I’m sure they will be fine. Children are so adaptable and they are likely to see it as an adventure really. #MaternityMondays

  7. This is definitely the hardest part if you already have children. We are still not sure what is going to happen with Grace when I go into labour – but she is extremely grown up for her age and I have no qualms about taking her with us if we need to. I am certain that your two will be fine and, as Kelly said, will probably see it as an adventure 🙂 x #MaternityMondays

  8. Aww hun, this is something I didn’t even think about when I had Alex as Leo is so happy to have family over our house I knew he would be excited to have someone else looking after him. Hopefully things will work out better than you are expecting and you won’t be away from them for long. Really hope all goes well for you xx #BlogCrush

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