5 Gestures To Let Your Partner Know They Are Loved


We don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day down on the farm. We find it a bit commercial and needless.

When you love someone, you show your love in a variety of ways, not just with big gestures.

I am not against others celebrating though, I just thought I’d come up with 5 gestures to let your partner know they are loved.


1. Cook. The way to my farmer’s heart is his stomach and, while I cook every day for him, sometimes a special meal like steak with home made peppercorn sauce or his favourite desert is really appreciated.

2. Shapes. One day I fashioned his breakfast in to the shape of a face. He didn’t notice but it gave us something to laugh about. Another year, Shrove Tuesday fell on St Valentine’s Day and I made the pancakes heart shaped. Again, he failed to notice my effort but while many people would be angry, I just find it funny. It really is busy the way he is.

3. Write a little note. Sometimes, I write Hubster little notes. If he is driving a long way, or I send him somewhere with a packed lunch, I slip a little note in his pocket or in his sandwiches. If he is busy, he sometimes never mentions it but I know he will have seen it and I think it is a nice thing to do.


4. Have a date night. When you run a business, look after animals and have children, the last thing you feel like doing is getting dressed up and go out. Sometimes though, it really does you good as a couple. The last time we went out was just before I got pregnant and we probably won’t be going out for a while once the baby is born but it does you the world of good to spend some time together once in a while.

5. Tell your partner you love them. Every day if you can. Life, kids, jobs get in the way but if you know at the back of your mind that you are loved, it really does make the world of difference.

Happy Valentine’s Day.


  1. Aww these are so sweet. We’re not romantic at all but we do enjoy a date night if we have the opportunity. That’s partly because neither of us have any friends who will get utterly trolleyed with us so we go out and do that together 😉

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