The 4 Best Farm Animals to Keep for Beginners


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If you’re starting to get into farming and raising your own livestock, you might be wondering what type of animals are the best and easiest to keep for a beginner. 


The first place to look into is the needs of each breed and type of animal. The better you know the necessities of your livestock, the safer they are, and the more manageable your business is.


Ready to start homesteading? Here are four of the best animals you should consider raising on your land. 


1. Chickens


Chickens are among the most common stocks that farmers, regardless of experience, tend to raise on their farms. Chickens are a source of products, including eggs, meat, and fertilizer. Hence why they are great profitable animals to keep on your farm. 


Because of their smaller size than other common livestock, chickens don’t need much space for roaming around and can be kept in a moderate-sized coop. 


Remember to have proper fencing around your coop, as chickens can be susceptible to predators like hawks. Keep their coop clean, dry and have an area where they can nest and lay their eggs. 


Chickens can also eat a wide range of products as feed, including leftovers from the garden, weed, or storebought feed. 


2. Pekin Ducks 


Pekin ducks are the helpers of the farm. They are excellent sources for big eggs and meat and will also protect your healthy plants from bugs and eat the unhealthy, weak rooted ones.


These ducks require a small space and an equivalent of a kiddie pool to swim in. 


Remember that they are slower birds and therefore more susceptible to predators, but good fencing will protect them regardless. 

3. Rabbits

Rabbits are another great addition to your farm. They are straightforward to feed and don’t take much space. 


Apart from being a great source of meat, rabbits also produce high-quality fertilizers for your garden. 


To feed your rabbits, you can use anything from storebought feed and veggies to grass hay and fodder.


4. Honey Bees


When people think of animals to raise on a farm, they hardly remember honey bees; however, honey bees are one of the greatest to have on your farm. 


Their maintenance needs are meager and manageable and amazing for busy farmers. 


Apart from having the most excellent source of honey on your farm, the best thing about beekeeping is that you can get them for free! 


For starters, you will need sugar water to catch them when they appear in the spring. They are very gentle when they’re handled with care, but don’t forget to have a bee suit and gloves. 


Once you’ve got your free beehive, you will need hive boxes and a small source of water. 


Bees are primarily self-sufficient as they travel to find their food sources, but you can always have some feed on top of the beehive just in case. 


Bottom Line

You can always expand your homestead and add more livestock when you feel ready. But for now, these fun and exciting animals are a great place to start for new or soon-to-be farmers.





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