#TinselTuesdays Number 5. December 9th

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Welcome to week five of #TinselTuesdays. It’s getting even more Christmassy here.
The tree is up along with a whole host of other decorations.

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They are proving to be too much temptation for Boo who has broken a few things. Never mind. I suppose that is what Christmas is all about.

We had some lovely posts last week. My favourite was from Mummy M’s Memories whose imagination is amazing and organised a lovely breakfast for her children with their Elf on the Shelf.

As you will read though, I have given up on Elf on the Shelf. I just felt inadequate in keeping up with the people who have great Elf ideas. Mine were just rubbish. I am blaming hormones hehe.

I also really enjoyed Tin Box Traveller’s funny poem-12 days of a caravan Christmas. It is so funny. You must read it.

It is a first Christmas and a first birthday this December at the Melton House so really special memories are being made there.

Remember this is a blog hop so do try and comment on as many of the link ups as you can. We only have four more #TinselTuesdays left (I am keeping Christmas going this year) so do make the most of them.

Don’t forget to tweet me with your link ups @EmmaLander2.


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