1. Paula Coombe

    Great post! I follow in the footsteps of my grandfathers who had their own greenhouses. Although very amateur, I revel in my gardening successes, this year I grew my own tomatoes from seed, Tigerella, which grew slowly, so no glut. I recommend growing spuds to start with, as they break up the soil and keep giving. Soft fruits and peas are a must too – basically anything that you like eating in the garden as they hardly ever get into the kitchen as they’re much nicer straight off the plant!!

    Make sure you have somewhere to sit and marvel at your green fingers, and sip tea.

  2. On manure, which I assume you’ll have a plentiful supply of(?) – don’t worry too much about only using ‘well rotted’.

    Fresh manure is fine – especially if you can put it down now so it has a few months exposed on the ground.

    Even using it fresh at the time of planting works – just use a little less of it.

    My biggest tips would be twofold – first, definitely grow the things you love to eat. Even if it’s cheap as chips in the supermarket, homegrown will always be far superior. Secondly, try one or two entirely new things every year – fruits or vegetables you’ve never even tried. It will keep your interest, and spur you on to learn more.

    • farmerswifeandmummy

      That is such good advice thank you. I did worry about the manure because the well rotted stuff is miles away and I wondered how I would get it to my patch.

      • I grew my pumpkins straight into fresh stuff last year, and they did better than ever – despite the hot and dry weather last summer.

        Well rotted is always going to be better – and I always set aside some to leave rotting for a season – but it’s better to use some fresh than none at all.

  3. Great tips on here. I grew some courgettes with Lottie last year and she loved it so I want to expand this year. Will be watching your posts xxx

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