Valley Mill Wax Melts-Making Your Home Fragrant All Year Round

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When I was a teenager, oil burners were all the rage. I had a terracotta one and used to get oils from the Body Shop-probably White Musk or Dewberry and basically gas out my bedroom.

My Dad put a stop to it though when I singed a hole in my bedside lamp shade. Oops.

I still love smelly things though-especially Christmas-scented ones and I tend to buy a years worth of reed diffusers and scented candles in December so our house smells Christmassy all year round.


I had never got the wax melts phenomenon though. I wasn’t really sure how they worked and, after my experience with the oil burner and the bedside lamp, I suppose I was wary especially as Hubster, unfortunately has my Dad’s fear of an open flame.

I have however bitten the wax melt button. I bought a cute, red heart shaped burner at Boo’s Christmas fair and I got these beautifully shaped wax melts from Valley Mill.


You might remember I reviewed some soap for them a while back and they sent me the wax melts to investigate.

You can create a festive atmosphere with the aroma of Christmas trees an holly without the needles which with our pets and children is a winner to start with.


You just pop the pretty shaped melt into your wax burner, light the candle and fill your room with beautiful fragrance.

The thing I like most about Valley Mill is that the are British and all of their products are made with love-you can just tell.


I can only imagine what their workshop must smell like because my home smells like a pine forest on Christmas morning.

Each box contains five wax melts and, despite their size, they pack a hefty smell-punch, producing fragrance for 60 hours.


As well as holly berry which is what I got, there are also some other classics like spiced apple, chocolate truffle and roast chestnut.

If Christmas scent isn’t your thing then they also do fragrant wax melt and soy wax candles in delectable flavours like jasmine and the intriguing bara brith and Welsh cake.

They really would make a lovely Christmas present or gift (to yourself!) all year round.


Do check out their website, you won’t be disappointed.

*We were sent the wax melts for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.








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