1. F-ing flies and you forgot the spiders. Thankfully we have farmcats so no visiblr rats and no mice in the house. But this is so true. The OH moans the place is full of my stuff, but at least I don’t leave paper, mugs, shoes, clothes just dumped around the place. And our utility room has boots of evvery size imaginable. I must clear the old ones out really

    • farmerswifeandmummy

      We have farm cats but the mice still come 🙁 I keep the boots in every size for visitors haha there is no hope for me

  2. This is brilliant Emma & so interesting. I wondered if you cooked proper lunches but thought you must do as farming is hard work. You’re right, definitely not the image portrayed in magazines.
    Can’t say anything about teabags in the sink…. that’s me too, but I am making a conscious effort to throw them in the bin.

  3. Jenni

    So true, ww have a small cottage so the kitchen is small. If it’s just the family, we eat around the piles of paperwork, drugs, children’s crafts and other random debris. Mud, straw, muck and at silo time grass tracked from the kitchen up to the bathroom… oh, and that’s just humans, then you have the paw prints and fur… farmhouse shaming should have it’s own counter-group, like fat-shaming!

    • farmerswifeandmummy

      haha the would be so funny. The time I had an incubator on the table is a bone of contention here 😉

  4. Claire Summerson

    That is spot on it’s never ending. I don’t have mice though I use the plug in things and had a house cat till recently. You can’t see my dining table often for copies of “Classic tractor”, “ Dairy magazine”, “Farmers Weekly”, cards, tickets then I move them and suddenly he wants a specific copy of a mag!!!!! Ah well it’s a Farmers wife’s lot.

  5. Sara

    This is great – I literally could have written this! I was only just looking at some beautiful instagram accounts thinking ‘ do you really have kids?’ And ‘are you sure you live on a farm?’

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