How to Clean your Christmas tree

How to clean your Christmas tree

The short answer is, don’t bother.

I am a member of some cleaning groups on Facebook. Not to join in, you understand. I either lurk in the sidelines feeling inadequate or laugh at the bizarre things people do and marvel at how they would cope living on a farm.

Dead rabbit in your washing pile? Come on down.

One post particularly caught my eye recently though-how do you clean your Christmas tree?

Seriously? People clean their Christmas trees?

Suggestions included fill a bath with Zoflora and stick it in.

I’ve looked into this. Some companies are actually cashing in on this and offering Christmas tree cleans before you put up your dazzling (faux pine) beauty.


The cleaning of a Christmas tree never even crossed my mind. Our tree used to be kept in an old shipping container until Mrs Mouse and her extended family moved in, found the salt dough decorations and has a Christmas party of her own. Yes I binned the half chewed baubles but the tree? It just went up as normal.

Christmas for me, as a child was highlighted by that lovely musty smell of the Christmas tree and the foil scent of tinsel (go and shove your nose in strands of tinsel in a shop, it smells gorgeous).

Where do people think real trees grow? They grow in forests with actual creatures and quite possibly critters.

Didn’t think of that clean freaks did you?

In the season of good will, I concede that if you want to waste your spend your money on cleaning your tree, then go ahead but not everything benefits from the soaking in pine disinfectant.

Enjoy the musty smell which, lets face it, with the scent of turkey basting and mince pies baking, is the real aroma of Christmas.

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