My New Kitchen Floor-An Excuse for a Revamp


When we first moved to the farm, I ordered a terracotta style floor covering but it was out of stock. In a panic to get it fitted and move in, I panic-chose a cream alternative.

Cream. In a farmhouse.

What. Was. I. Thinking?

Not only was it cream but it was textured too so any mud, dust or dirt (and believe me, on a farm there is an abundance) was ingrained.

I mopped, I steam mopped, six weeks after having Baby G, I was scrubbing on my hands and knees but still it looked dirty.

In the end, Hubster got sick of seeing me scrubbing and said lets get a new floor.

I used this as an excuse to totally revamp the downstairs of the house.

When we moved in, I painted a feature wall blue and then, about a year later, red.

As I had chosen a black floor, I thought it would be too dark with the red wall so I opted for all-over cream.

In hindsight, red was not the best idea. It took ages to get rid of it, especially with the cream choice.

I also went over any grubby marks from little hand prints and paw prints (I have no idea how our little dog managed to walk up the wall).

I then cleared out. I sorted and sold anything we didn’t use-the health fryer which we used four times, the slow cooker which I just never have any luck with.


I am all about clean lines and surfaces. Believe me, minimalism is not natural to me. I am a cluttered kind of girl but I am really trying.


I also took a trip to Dunelm Mill to get a new table cloth and a few other accessories including these lovely chickens.


I had a little shelf over my table which was also a messy affair but I have sorted out that too and grouped some of my favourite things.

I also treated the dog to a lovely new bed in the Joules sale.


The last addition to the kitchen was this storage unit from The Cotswold Company. I am using it for anything from toys and footwear to hats and wellies.


I have always loved my kitchen but the floor really did get me down.

I cannot be more pleased with my new kitchen floor.


  1. It’s gorgeous Emma looks so different and didn’t recognise the breakfast bar (empty ) lol xxx

  2. It look lovely and gives e hope that I can do something with our awful lino floor – I can’t wait to get rid of it! Your dog looks very happy with their new bed too! Becky x #MakingHome

  3. I feel your pain. I’ve been streaming white grouting in between white tiles this week! Stupid choice of floor with two little boys! Thanks for linking up to #MakingHome this week! X

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