Siblings, August 2018

I actually feel a tiny bit smug about my siblings post his month. Not because it is school holidays but because, for possibly the first time ever, I have got more than one photo of them all looking.

I know. Go me.

It is probably a fluke but I am going with it for this month only.

So the big two finished school and nursery. I actually said on an Instagram post that the luxury most missed in large families is one on one time. I am pleased to say that I got a day of one on one time with my eldest at the beginning of the holidays and I have one planned with the middle one at the end. The baby still gets most of the night with me on my own because he still will not sleep.

We have had a couple of days out so far, most notably to Martin Mere in Lancashire which is a Wet and Wildlife Trust and it was a lovely place.

We also got the bus to our nearest town which may not sound exciting to some people but the children loved their ride on the bus.

We have also visited the park which again was simple but successful but most of all, we have spent quality time together at home.

I have tried to be creative. I put some farm animals in ice cube trays and they had a great time trying to chisel them out. Likewise the shaving gel in the tuff tray has been the success story of the summer.

We are lucky to be blessed with beautiful surroundings at the farm and lots of buildings and areas for them to explore.

Even just packing our lunch up and eating it in different places around the farm has proved a hit-how simple is that?

We went back to our favourite woodland which I have photographed them in previously and I thought it was so funny that they tool on the same pose.

It’s not all been easy. There have been squabbles and scuffles but with three children, you can basically guarantee that two will get on most of the time (not always the same two but two all the same). If the three get along all at the same time, I call that a very good day.

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