Siblings, January 2020

It may be the first Siblings post of the new year but, in the last month, there has only been one word on the tip of all of the children’s tongues and that is Christmas.

They’ve had a ball.

School finished and a few days of baking, winter walks and excitement commenced before the big day itself.

They were so excited. I think it is the first year that they have all known what is happening. The baby delighted in telling everyone that “Father Mismass” was bringing him a “garbage truck”. I have tried to tell him that in England we call it a bin lorry but I think he must think garbage sounds more exotic and I suppose, in a way, it does.

Santa came, despite the million threats that he wouldn’t and they were kept amused for days with their new toys.

Father Christmas was a bit clever this year and brought board games which he stipulated all the children had to play together.

Having received so much, there was one present they hadn’t opened so I squirrelled it away for a few days and I am so glad I did.

The huge tub of lego was a great success and, given the instructions that it was for them all, they all surprised me at sitting on the floor and playing together for hours.

The tidying up of the lego was not so great but I am consoled with the fact that they are all still young and the fact that they played well together made me not so annoyed about the mess.

There have been some really sweet moments. Mainly hugging and holding hands and the youngest seems to do it more when he sees me squeal with delight at the sibling-cuteness.

After a few days of indoor play, the three were itching to get out so we took them to Martin Mere Wet and Wildlife Trust for a run around and then we ventured back out to the farm.

There was a lack of outdoor toys on the Christmas list but fear not, birthday season is almost upon us so I am sure that oversight will be rectified.

This time next month, my eldest will have turned nine and the middle one five. Where does time go?

Happy January.

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