Siblings June 2017

The siblings are three months into being three and despite having their moments, they really do love each other.

Boo has surprised me so much recently with the love she has for her brothers.

She never really cuddles G but this month, I asked her to look after him while we crossed the farm yard and they walked across holding hands.

This may not be a big deal to some parents but I did a little dance inside at this-not least because they look so cute.

G on the other hand adores his big sister and, you can see the delight on his face when she comes in from school.

Despite a run of good weather, half term wasn’t so great in terms of sunshine but we made our own fun, getting out the John Deere gator. It was so funny at first. Boo just sat back like a diva and let her brother chauffeur her around the farm.

Then the roles reversed and she took control-when we first bought the ride-on, Gs get couldn’t touch the pedals and Hubster worried it would be a waste if money. I knew it would be a huge success and time, and a but of leg growth (his feet now reach the pedals) is all that was needed.

We went on our first proper family day out as a family of five over half term to Gullivers World on Warrington and the older two had a great time.

This month has also seen the siblings make the most of our front field where the goats and chickens live. They have just been using it as a massive playground-running all around.

We also had sheep shearing this month and the both really enjoyed the whole day. I made a little video of them and I am really loving this as they can look back in years to come at what they were like as small children.

The main thing the big two have in common this month is their love for the baby.

They adore the baby in different ways. G just wants to kiss him all the time but he does get a little rough with him. He tells me ‘baby awake’ and has even tried to give him a crisp which was very sweet to try and share with his baby brother (don’t worry the baby didn’t eat it!).

It is Boo who has surprised me though.

I never shy away from describing the nonchalance she experienced with G when he was a baby but Baby J is totally different. Whether it is the fact that she is a bit older, she entertains him, wants to hold him and even fed him some milk.

It makes me feel all warm inside to see it.

It’s not all idylic. I don’t want you to think it is.

The older two have discovered if they join together, they get into more mischief so Boo sets up the mischief and G carries it out. It is quite clever really but I have been trying to nip it in the bud (unsuccessfully). I am after all, outnumbered.

Thankfully, so far, the baby is quite laid back but the older two quite often wail together if they don’t get what they want. I do sometimes have to bite my tongue to not laugh. It can be hilarious.

Let’s hope we get some good weather in the next month for a fun-filled summer.

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  1. It sounds like they are settling beautifully into their new siblings roles.
    Yep – you’re outnumbered in a big way now love!

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