Siblings, November 2018

This month has been about half term and pumpkins for my three. They enjoyed baking and a Halloween treasure hunt and, while we didn’t really go far in their week off, they had lots of fun together on the farm.

The boys especially go through a constant cycle of loving each other to fighting over toys and it is quite amusing to watch. I am of the opinion that as long as they are not in danger of hurting each other, I just let them get on with it and the loving cuddles and kisses definitely makes up for the bickering.

They all got very excited about the pumpkin picking and treasure hunt and there was much talk about the pumpkins for the days leading up to Halloween and pretty much ever since.

In the last month, it seems the three have really settled down. I think with the baby being much more able to play has helped as the older two both enjoy playing with him and now that he can say a few words, he can communicate what he wants (or doesn’t want). The baby has the best temper I have ever seen. If something is taken off him, he definitely lets us know and it is so funny to see him thrashing round on the floor in anger.

The ages gaps mean it is still a struggle finding something appropriate for them all and I have had to make allowances for a couple shows I have booked over Christmas by asking my parents to have the baby-just so they older two can enjoy themselves without me having to run after an over-zealous toddler every three seconds.

Despite it still being November, I am already getting a little bit giddy for Christmas and the older two are singing Christmas songs which melts my heart every time.

I’m sure the decorations will have sneaked up this time next month.


  1. My girls sound just the same as your boys! one minute screeching, the next kissing. I can’t keep up! Your gorgeous girl’s face in that first photo has won Halloween this year for me! xxx

  2. I love the pumpkin outfits – so cute! My boys squabble all the time too – although we do get a bit more playing nicely now they’re getting a bit older. #SiblingsProject

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