Tears for Mummy in Boo’s last week in Reception


There seems to be a rather uncomfortable pattern emerging.

When Boo started school last year, I cried for the first two weeks of dropping her off.

I have cried at parents evenings, sports day, her first school trip (and her second).

I admit I am a crier.

In January, a worried mum came up to me saying: ‘my husband said you were crying yesterday. Are you ok?’. I said: ‘Oh yes it was G’s first birthday. What is wrong with me?

So we are heading into the last week of Boo’s reception year and guess what?

I can’t stop crying.

When I think of the fears and worries I had when she entered Reception have just transferred to Year One.

Despite her excelling everything we could have hoped for. Despite her being the total little star that she is.

I think most mothers think their child is amazing but for those that really know us as a family and know Boo, you can’t deny that our Booble is a special one.


Her school report caused more tears from me.

There were people who said she wouldn’t do certain things but she has.

I think it is fair to say that if I am still crying now, the chances are, I will cry every year-jut because I find it hard to think of my babies growing up.

I never attended an open day at my daughter’s school. I knew I wanted her to go to that school.

She has had the most amazing first year and, do you know what? So have I.

I could not have wished for a more caring and loving environment for my first born’s education. We have been welcomed into the school family just like that-part of the family.

I just can’t promise I won’t cry for the next five years.


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