• farmerswifeandmummy

      I was impressed with that one but your hubbie’s Peppa is dead trumps them all haha xx

  1. Haha love these! Mine are 7 and nearly 12 so the little white lies don’t work as well anymore but I will try and make a note of any I do tell for a post soon.

    Jenny x

  2. Ha! I tell my four year old that Action Chugger (from Chuggington) only became a superhero by eating his broccoli! #sharewithme

  3. Love this haha!, the car running out of petrol is genius!!! We are not quite at that age with Arthur yet but I’m kinda excited to see how creative I can get with my lies!!!

  4. This brilliant, I think we all have our own bag full of these great on liners to get our kids to do or not do something. I know I do all the time. Batteries died on the ipad, mickey mouse eats califlower, my legs are sleeping I can’t move, the list is endless. hahahah Great post. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

  5. Lol I love this Emma 🙂 I think we don’t ever stop with the little white lies we tell our children. My son is now 5 and I still say them to get him to do something. He’s starting to cotton on though – little clever clogs. Not easy when friends or family blow your cover “Oh no it’s not broken Mummy just wants you to go to bed” Nooooo not the B word!!!! xx

    • farmerswifeandmummy

      Oh no that must be awful haha I think it’s funny seeing how creative I can become with them 🙂

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