More Success at the Animal Auction


After our failed trip to our local animal auction a month or so ago, I was reluctant to return. Not least for the fact that I realised how difficult it would be to go on my own, buy animals, push the pram and hang on to an excited five-year-old.

Last week however, I was feeling a little down. It’s a long story but, while most women would require flowers and an evening out (which Hubster actually did), I requested that we visited the auction again on Bank Holiday Monday.


That is all I can say. It was amazing.

Every type of farm animal was on sale





Rabbits, chickens, turkeys, geese, alpacas, goats


Those gorgeous Valais Black Nose sheep.


We had a brilliant day and Hubster had the children while I braved the throng of buyers for the poultry auction.


I had my eye on four lots. All Pekins. Two were hens with chicks and two were trios-a cockerel and two hens.

Hubster liked the lemon Pekins but the white trio came up first and, after my nervous auction face, my hand went up and I got them.


I was given a £50 maximum and I was so nervous but I got all three for £34 which I think is a bargain.


I didn’t realise that you bid per head rather than per cage so I had originally thought I had got them all for £12. Still, I was pleased.

I naively thought, once you had paid and had your winning cage unlocked that someone would help you get your birds, safely in a cage. I was wrong. I have a love-hate relationship with cockerels having been attacked but a mean Buff Orpington called Buster, we were given.

Thankfully, the local animal health officer (usually a figure to be avoided) came to may aid and held the door of my crate open for me while I took a deep breath and grabbed the cockerel. He is a friendly one thank goodness. I wasn’t bothered about the hens.


All walks of life-shapes, sizes, religions, all descend on the animal auction and we had the best time.

It’s just a good job we didn’t take the trailer. I think I would’ve bought a lot more.


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