The claws are out for National Breastfeeding week #breastfeeding

So it’s National Breastfeeding Week and boy are the claws out. What is it between breast feeders and bottle feeders that can stir such emotion? Guilt? Jealousy? Smugness? Forget breastfeeding itself being a taboo subject it’s the question hovering over every mother’s lips at social gatherings and baby groups. Did you/do you breastfeed? It seems … [Read more…]

Are stay at home mums happier?

So, a report in today’s Daily Mail (July 31st) says a study has revealed that stay at home mothers are happiest. It says: “They tend not to suffer from boredom, frustration or feelings of worthlessness, according to the research on Britain’s wellbeing. Full-time mothers gave the value of their lives a score of eight out … [Read more…]