Cooking up a Storm with The Black Farmer-A Review

My food pictures have been creating quite the stir on social media this week. Already fans of The Black Farmer sausages, we have been trying out his new range of pork products raised without antibiotics. Leading the way in being the first mainstream brand to introduce the produces, The Black Farmer has worked closely with … [Read more…]

Five Farmhouse Kitchen Cooking Essentials

We eat out very little and a take away is a rare treat. I suppose it is a combination of running a business and having young children. Therefore I do tend to cook from scratch most nights and I have been thinking a lot lately about the staples in my kitchen. You know, the things … [Read more…]

Supporting Babies and Farmers with Hipp Organic

I have always enjoyed feeding my children Hipp Organic foods. Not only do they like them-which, with small children and babies is, in my opinion, the most important thing, they are a family farming business and you know how much that means to me. The Hipp family began their organic farming in 1956 which is … [Read more…]