1. Catherine Price

    Love your goals!!! Especially the duck one I kind of mentioned I might do a half marathon in October, but having only really just got through couch to 5k am now quite scared I highly recommend the bbc and nhs couch to 5k app with Jo Whiley talking you through it cos she makes it cool

    • farmerswifeandmummy

      Ooo I’ve downloaded that one and chose jo whiley but that’s as far as I’ve got yet 😉 watch this space

  2. Five out of seven is quite an achievement i’d say Emma. Don’t forget you also smashed your long held goal of owning a Chihuahua I think the new goals are doable but don’t stress about the 40lbs that will change on its own if you can join a Couch to 5K. Here’s to a great 2020. x

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