My Most Popular Blog Posts of 2019

When I write a blog post, I always hope it will be popular, that people will read it, enjoy reading it and possibly share it with their friends. However, if there is one thing I have learnt from writing a blog is that I never know if a post will be popular until I’ve sat back and looked into it.

The ones I think will be read most aren’t always and the ones that seem to have written themselves go crazy.

I suppose if I knew the magic formula, I would be getting millions of readers each day. Alas this is not the case but I am happy and I do still enjoy writing the blog so that is all that matters.

Over the last few years, I have shared my most poplar blog posts at the end of the year so this is the list from 2019.

Farm House Living-The Dream Versus the Reality. I think this resonated with a lot of people because the media has died people into thinking farmhouses are like the ones in Country Living magazine and on Pinterest. I was here to dispel any myths and tell the truth about the mud. All the mud.

My review of Sarah Cox’s book Till The Cows Come Home was very popular and was a steady read throughout the year. Quite right too. It was one of my favourite reads of 2019.

Everyone has been so worried about Brexit that the Impact of HS2 on Farming has been largely forgotten. The problem has not gone away and the threat of high speed trains cutting though our countryside is still at large. Around where we live, any time green belt is forfeited for new houses or businesses, you see massive billboards with ‘Northern Powerhouse’ on them as if that’s some kind of excuse. It’s not. Save our greenbelt.

Harvest and lambing is always a busy period for us at the farm and it is the same up and down the country so my Quick and Easy Dinner Ideas for Harvest Time on the farm was very popular.

My love of Escape to the Chateau continued in 2019 and I hope my post about recreating Angel’s style in your own home gave people inspiration.

Farm themed World Book Day Ideas made sure the farmyard travelled to the class room this year and lessons were learnt at the farm when our Jack Russell killed our pet rabbits.

I learnt to crochet in 2019 and my post surrounding that proved high in the popularity stakes along with 10 Facts about sheep.

My broken Cath Kidston Teapot lid created some sympathy amongst readers as these dismasters seem to happen to me quite a lot.

Farm shows for kids on Youtube saw readers grab their remotes and farm themed ideas for tuff trays sent them back outside.

What to Expect when your child starts school and joining the National Trust set the theme for the year really along with tips on starting a vegetable patch.

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If you would like to read my most popular blog posts in different years, have a look at 2016 ,


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